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Epic fail

Yes, it is true, what a friend once told me.

I am immature, irresponsible, incompetent and incapable of taking care of myself.

I am an epic failure as an adult.


I am so so very tired of being a complete loser....

Trying to move forward

I have fallen off the wagon so hard, that my 220+ pound body is being dragged behind it in the dirt.

I am trying to move forward.

This morning I made a breakfast  of:  1/2 a whole wheat English muffin, fried egg, one slice of swiss cheese, a bunch of mixed greens.

I am planning to keep a close eye on my food today.  I stocked up on all kinds of healthy food yesterday, so I have no excuses.

Lesson(s) Learned!

Last night, we were deeply asleep. At 2 AM, the smoke alarm went off. I didn't know it was the smoke alarm; for some reason, I thought it was my phone. I guess my brain didn't recognize the noise.

Suddenly, my husband started yelling, "OUT! OUT! OUT!" I said why and he said FIRE- GET OUT NOW. So I ran downstairs and out the door. I stood outside the door in just my panties and socks. It was cold! After a few minutes, Lee told me to come back in.

He'd grabbed the fire extinguisher and put out the fire.

It seems it was my bad. I had a candle lit in the computer room, where we'd been earlier in the evening. I forgot to blow it out. It was one of those candles in a jar. Apparently, it had exploded - the glass broke. The wall and the stuff on my desk all caught on fire. The monitor, my speakers, my keyboard and other computer stuff melted, releasing nasty plastic fumes. EVERYTHING in the entire room is covered with ash and soot. Things in our bedroom (right next door) are also covered. Just from walking around, each of us had soot on us.

We got the smoke cleared out enough to stop the alarm. The whole upstairs still reeks. And today, after my workout, I will have to tackle cleaning out in there. I guess that's one way to get my desk clean!!

So lesson learned: Lee says no more jar candles, and I will always make sure candles are OUT.

Supplementary lessons:  Keep the smoke alarm battery fresh, and the fire extinguisher charged and at hand. Because you never know when you might need 'em!

I just saw a commercial for the Contour Core System.  It is an ab belt. It uses EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) to contract the muscles.  In this sense, yes, it will 'work' your abs.  However, it will NOT give you a six pack.

Say it all together now: YOU CANNOT SPOT REDUCE FAT!  Working your abs will make your abdominal muscles stronger, it is true.  But you can have the strongest, buffest abs on the planet and NOT have a six pack if those muscles are covered by fat.  

So how do you burn away the fat and expose those hard won muscles?  Cardio. Cardio. And a bit of cardio on the side.  This is the only way to burn fat.  And the fat will slowly come off from all over your body.  You can't pick where the fat used comes from.

And that cardio?  Endurance exercise (30+ minutes) is what's going to kick your metabolism over into beta oxidation - i.e., fat burning. So go for the longer time, medium+ intensity to maximize your fat burning.  Depending what you choose for your aerobic exercise, you could also be working those core muscles, which will help you gain those coveted six pack abdominal muscles.

It is my personal theory that most everyone is carrying a six pack, but it is hidden beneath a nice layer of fat.  Any machine/belt/device that claims to burn your belly fat and give you great abs is LYING to you.  It may very well increase your abdominal strength, but you will have to work to lose that fat through diet and cardio.

my own worst enemy?

Hello world,

I am now taking my last class in my last quarter at Bastyr.  All I have to do is write a freaking paper, get my shit together and PASS THIS CLASS.  That's it, and then I will have a bachelor's degree - 30 years after the original plan (Syracuse) and 2 years after the current plan (Bastyr).

So why is it so damned hard for me to focus?  Or get anything done?

Yes, big ol' pity party in Federal Way!  I'd invite you, but I need to work on my paper!


This post was an error and has been removed. ~laura

Introducing.... AKANE!

I have a new car. My first ever brand new new car. She is a 2010 Mazda 3 i touring 4 door sedan.  Her name is Akane (AH-kah-NAY), which is a female Japanese name that means 'brilliant red.'

Here's her pic:akane

Isn't she purty?  I haven't driven her much of yet, as I just picked up the proof of insurance this morning. But ZOOM ZOOM indeed!


Random updates

1. No new car yet, though we are planning to look around this weekend.
2. GP of Singapore is Sunday!
3. School starts (again!) on Monday. I will be taking Physiology of Exercise for the THIRD time.  Geez.
4. Joy is doing very poorly. Please send any positive energy you can spare her way. She's been unable to stand for several days now, and her arms are now losing strength as well. She is considering going to inpatient rehab at the hospital, a thought which terrifies her for many reasons.
5. I am on a diet - again.  South Beach diet. Woohoo!  Yup, I am committing to packing up food, etc. even when school starts.
6. I am also publicly committing to working out regularly.
7. I am a sleepy sleepy girl who must go to bed RIGHT NOW.

8 - I LOVE YOU ALL - my family, my friends (chosen family)


RIP Yuji

My beloved car, Yuji, is dead.  He was a 2001 Mazda Millenia, and I loved him. Loved to drive him.

On Monday, I was T-boned in an accident.  I was hit on the driver's side - the door and side of the car are completely destroyed. The side air bag deployed, destroying much of my seat, bruising me and likely saving my life.  Yuji, however, is totaled.

At this very moment, Lee is furiously researching possible replacement cars.... we have about $5000 to play with.

To reiterate, I AM OK.  Some bruising, and a lingering headache.  I was checked out and given the all clear by the doctors. Just no more Yuji..... yes, I am in mourning for my car. Call me crazy - you won't be the first...!